Desperate for Attention Hogg Tries to Recapture 15 Seconds of Fame — Conservatives Had Other Plans

Parkland shooting survivor and anti-gun activist David Hogg recently sent, then deleted, the following tweet:

“It’s been just over 2 months. We have walked out of school and now, on 4/20, we walk out everywhere. No matter where you are — if it’s home, school, or work — walk out. Gun violence can happen anywhere at anytime.”

4/20 is well known for being a reference to marijuana. Most of Hogg’s supporters will be too blazed to walk anywhere on that day.

4/20 is also the leader of the Third Reich’s birthday, leading some to refer to Hogg as “little Hitler.”

Adolf Hitler was also well-known for not wanting people to own guns.

Ultimately, the “4/20” reference has to do with the Columbine High School shooting that took place on 4/20/99.

The bottom line is that Hogg’s call for another walkout to suppress law-abiding gun owners of their Second Amendment rights backfired once again.

Too bad!

UCLA was just one of the schools that rejected Hogg, despite an alleged 4.2 grade point average in high school.

After Fox News host Laura Ingraham made that knowledge public, Hogg was out for blood. He called for a boycott of The Ingraham Angle‘s advertisers.

Now that he’s a public figure, Hogg has finally, potentially, found his landing spot for the next school year.


From Daily Beast:

The Parkland high-school shooting survivor and March for Our Lives leader David Hogg has been accepted into University of California, Irvine, according to TMZ, weeks after he was ridiculed by Fox News host Laura Ingraham over his college rejections.

Ingraham was forced to apologize last month after she tweeted: “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it,” causing scores of advertisers to boycott her show, The Ingraham Angle.

It was previously and erroneously reported that Hogg, 17, had been rejected from UC Irvine because his mom had said he’d been turned down when he just hadn’t heard back from the prestigious school. TMZ said Hogg got an acceptance letter from the school last week that said: “Students choose UCI to make a true difference in the world, we hope you will too.”

Irvine’s acceptance rate is 40.7%.

Laura Ingraham returns to Fox News Monday night, in what one might almost call a triumphant return – having beaten back the boycott by Hogg and his liberal buddies.

From Washington Times:

Her one-week vacation served as a cooling-off period. The number of companies saying they would not advertise on her show, at 19, according to a count by Media Matters for America, slowed to a trickle while she was away.

Ingraham also picked up a strong statement of support from her boss and backing from an unexpected source in liberal talk show host Bill Maher late on Friday.

Ingraham apologized for the tweet which said Hogg “whined” about being rejected from several colleges. But that didn’t stop Hogg, who with the help of Media Matters, continued to go after her advertisers.

This was only the latest effort by Media Matters, who has tried to shut down Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity in the past. They have not been shy about saying their aim is to take out Fox News.

Although Ingraham lost several advertisers, the vacation seemed to stem more from leaving.

Vacations under fire can be an ominous sign. Another Fox prime-time host, Bill O’Reilly, went on vacation when advertisers abandoned him following reports about sexual misconduct complaints against him; he never returned. An advertiser boycott helped cost O’Reilly his job at near-lightning speed. Former Fox personality Glenn Beck fell victim to an advertiser abandonment that was much more gradual.

However, attempts to launch boycotts against Sean Hannity have largely failed, and he remains Fox’s top-rated personality.

Fox News co-President Jack Abernathy showed strong support for Ingraham, against Hogg’s efforts. He said “we cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts” and promised Ingraham would be back.

While HBO’s Bill Maher criticized Ingraham, he said the Parkland activists should “expect criticism” if they choose to be in the public arena, and that they shouldn’t be “bullying” with advertisers.

Sanity seems to be returning and Hogg seems to be waning from the spotlight.

Kudos to FNC for standing strong!

H/T: Downtrend

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