Gowdy Drops The Hammer on Comey With Brutal Truth

It’s a sad thing that Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is retiring from Congress. In a political world where there isn’t a lot of character or care for the truth, Trey Gowdy stands out as an exception. He showed again why he has become a favorite on “Fox and Friends” when they asked him for his viewpoint on former FBI Director James Comey’s new book.

First, they asked him if they thought that Comey when he informed President Donald Trump about the dossier whether he should have informed him about the fact that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton were behind it.

Gowdy said that was an incredibly relevant fact, but that Comey “certainly should have informed the FISA court,” a reference to the fact that the FBI and Comey himself who signed off on at least one warrant of Carter Page didn’t inform the Court that Clinton was behind the dossier.

Gowdy also said that the Comey memos of the conversations he had with Trump are “exhibit A” that there wasn’t any obstruction of justice by Trump. He’s seen the memos, although everyone else has not. The Fox and Friends hosts also noted that Comey appears to say in his book there was no obstruction of justice in his view.

Gowdy said he also hoped that there was no classified information in the memos because Comey gave them to a law professor. That would be a crime. And Sen. Chuck Grassley has suggested that there may be classified information in at least one of the memos. That’s why they’re trying to get the memos to be released to to committee members so they can make that determination.

From Conservative Tribune:

“I think it’s sad,” Trey Gowdy said about Comey and his book. “One of the things Director Comey and I did agree on is we need an apolitical FBI.”

Gowdy criticized Comey for adding more petty politicization to the FBI by releasing his book.

“I can’t think of anyone who’s done a better job of politicizing the FBI than he has in the last 36 to 48 hours, by talking about tanning bed goggles and the length of a tie,” the congressman declared.

That wasn’t a joke. According to excerpts of James Comey’s book obtained by TheBlaze, the former FBI director seemed eager to take cheap shots at President Trump.

Comey was particularly petty attacking Trump’s tan and how long his ties were. He even attacked his hair, saying he wondered how long it took him to get his hair done in the morning. And he snarked that his hands were bigger than Trump’s.

“That is beneath the dignity of the offices that he held,” Trey Gowdy told Fox.

Gowdy pointed out that he actually defended Comey back in 2016, when it was Democrats who were criticizing the FBI, but that everything has changed.

“I’m really disappointed… the writing of the book in general, and then some of the things he’s talking about are just frankly beneath the dignity of some really important offices he once held,” Gowdy said.

Well said, Trey Gowdy!

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